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"I would definitely recommend Patti as a doula.  She was always communicative leading up to my labor and was incredibly helpful during the labor experience.  She was able to help me stay comfortable through massage during active labor and worked well with the team of nurses and doctor.  Another highlight was the postpartum massage.  It really did feel like I was being put back together.  I could feel a difference in my body immediately afterward. She knows her stuff and is a pleasure to work with!"     Caitlin    7/25/2021

Patti was the most amazing doula!  We had a quick and easy birth experience, thank to her!  I went into labor 7 hours after my labor prep massage.  She helped me so much with anxiety and pain management and I only had to push about 10 times before my baby was born!  The infant massages and postpartum massages were also incredible.  Would work with her again and again!  My baby Mila loves Patti!     Karla     7/22/2021

"My husband and I decided to use Patti after receiving two separate recommendations for her services. We wanted someone with experience and calming energy to help us through the process of delivery. Our son was frank breech during the entire pregnancy. I tried every homeopathic remedy you can think of to try and flip our son into the proper position. Talking with Patti and our physician, they recommended an external cephalic version ("ECV") to try and turn him into the proper position. The procedure itself only has a 58% chance of success, and I heard it can be pretty painful. The day before the procedure, I received a frank breech massage from one of Patti's team members. The next day, the physician was able to turn our son into the right position within 4 minutes and without any pain! She said it was the easiest ECV she has ever done, and I 100% credit Patti and her team for prepping my body for the success of this procedure. I was able to avoid a C-section, and Patti was incredible during the birthing process. We are expecting again, and we have already signed up to use Patti for our second birth!"      Skyler    7/21/2021

Pediatric Cranialsacral Therapy Testimonial:

"Patti does amazing work and is such a patient person.  She never rushes a session and will work with baby for as long as it takes even when baby is fussy and needs to take things slow.  After just a couple of sessions with Patti there was no more latch pain during breastfeeding, we saw dramatic improvements in our daughter's neck/jaw tension, and her cone head had disappeared!  The best part is she even enjoys the session, and for the most part relaxes and sleeps through the treatments."          Jodi & Matt M.      3/2021 

"Patti was exceptional! I always knew I wanted a doula for my first birthing experience, and she exceeded my expectations. Patti has a very nice aura to her. Her presence is very calming, professional, educated. She clearly knows what she's doing. She Can expedite the labor with many differe​nt positions and techniques. I felt safe and comforted by her throughout my labor. When my OB doctor entered the room, she usually took a seat in the corner of the room, and didn't interfere with any medical decisions... I noticed this and I thought it was very professional and respectful. I think most doctors might worry about a doula who might push "get in their way", but Patti does not. She was was wonderful. My doctor loved her. And most of the nurses knew her as well from other births.  She came to our home a few days after the birth of our son, and performed a massage on me that was so helpful for postpartum pain and swelling. She taught myself and my husband infant massage as well.

10/10 would recommend Patti, and would hire her again!

Thank you so much Patti for all you do! Appreciate you!    Christine Herman  3/30/2021

"Phenomenal is one word to describe Patti.  My birth experience with her was nothing short of amazing.  Patti's wealth of knowledge combined with her passion for helping deliver healthy babies makes her the best doula you could search for.  She was able to reposition my baby to make for a faster labor, empowered me with words of affirmation and movements, and was there for me physically and emotionally my entire pregnancy/labor and delivery.  I highly recommend her and her services if you want an amazing experience giving birth to your baby."       Caty Clark   6/14/2020

"I used Patti for the birth of both of my sons at the Woman's Hospital.  I was able to have both naturally despite being induced for my first.  She helped shorten the labor and move me into positions to bring baby here faster.  I believe the massage given before birth helped shorten labor and get my body prepared.  I had horrible back pain postpartum and the massage she gave me after made such a huge difference.  I won't ever go through labor and delivery without Patti!"      Jennifer Grigas   6/13/2020

"Excellent experience working with Patti during my first pregnancy.  She was a huge help before, during, and after labor.  Very supportive.  Very knowledgeable. Very kind and caring.  Massages were absolutely relaxing and helped prepare me for labor and then recover well afterward.  Highly recommend Patti to everyone!  She is professional and respectful of your preferences.  She is very responsive.  She is the best!"    Claire   5/7/2020

"Patti was fantastic to work with - she held a great birthing class that explained the stages of labor and what each phase would be like.  She also reviewed the best time to move to the hospital explaining the benefits of laboring at home before going.  Unfortunately, Patti wasn't able to attend my labor in person due to visitor restrictions due to the Covid-19 virus.  She was there through it all though, utilizing text and Zoom to help progress my labor along.  Although I ended up having a C-section, Patti implemented as many things as possible to help my baby get into position.  After returning home from the hospital, Patti came to my home to perform a postpartum massage on me and an infant massage on my son.  My postpartum massage was the best - it was the first time I felt relief from the fluid retention from the hospital and she put my hips and pelvis back into alignment.  Highly recommend Patti, you won't regret it!"    Jackie Smith   4/26/2020

"Patti has assisted the births of my 3 children and I have also attended massages with her, during my pregnancies and after giving birth.  She has been an angel, I honestly wouldn't dare to go through childbirth without Patti.  My 3 experiences were very different and Patti knew exactly how to give me the support I needed during each one of them.  I absolutely recommend her as a doula, she really helps you to have the birthing experience that you want.  I feel truly blessed to have had her as my doula!"    Karina R.    11/8/2019

"Patti was an instrumental asset in my pregnancy and labor.  I fully believe her labor prep massage got my baby in position and ready to enter the world.  She was also able to do what my doctor could not - get my baby to turn during labor (he was sunny-side up).  I originally wanted to labor drug-free, but as my son was turned the wrong way, the contractions got the best of me and I really wanted some pain relief in my transition phase.  Patti was always supportive of my decisions and never made me feel badly about getting an epidural.  My baby was over 9 lbs. at birth, so Patti's postpartum massage was both necessary and a welcome relief after being home from the hospital for a few days.  I loved my birth experience and Patti played a big part in that - I recommend her for anyone, regardless of what kind of birth you want to have!"                     Sarah   8/8/2019

"The experience with Patti postpartum massage a week after I gave birth was AMAZING.  My pelvic bone and hips were a mess she said.  After she made the massage, it was awesome how my pelvic bone changed position.  I highly recommend this massage.  Every woman who gave birth should have this massage.  My chiro asked if I gave birth.  Again a huge thanks."      Caroline     3/28/2019

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