Placenta Encapsulation

The custom of consuming the placenta is centuries old, practiced most often in Chinese medicine. It is a tradition that has been gaining traction in the United States for several decades due to the incredible benefits it can offer. Learn more to see if it is right for you!

The placenta is full of beneficial hormones, chemicals, iron, and proteins.

These healing substances may include:

  • Estrogen, Progesterone, Testosterone: Contributes to mammary gland development in preparation for lactation; stabilizes postpartum mood; regulates post-birth uterine cramping; decreases depression; normalizes and stimulates libido.

  • Prolactin: Promotes lactation; increases milk supply; enhances the mothering instinct.

  • Oxytocin: Decreases pain and increases bonding in mother and infant; counteracts the production of stress hormones such as Cortisol; greatly reduces postpartum bleeding; enhances the breastfeeding let-down reflex.

  • Placental Opioid-Enhancing Factor (POEF): Stimulates the production of your body’s natural opioids, including endorphins; reduces pain; increases well-being.

  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone: Regulates the thyroid gland; boosts energy and supports recovery from stressful events.

  • Corticotropin Releasing Hormone (CRH): Low levels of CRH are implicated in postpartum depression. Regulation of CRH helps prevent depression.

  • Cortisone: Reduces inflammation and swelling; promotes healing.

  • Interferon: Triggers the protective defenses of the immune system to fight infection.

  • Prostaglandins: Regulates contractions in the uterus after birth; helps uterus return to its pre-pregnancy size. Anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Iron: Replenishes maternal iron stores to combat anemia, a common postpartum condition. Increases energy; decreases fatigue and depression.

  • Hemoglobin: Oxygen-carrying molecule which provides a boost in energy.

  • Urokinase Inhibiting Factor and Factor XIII: stops bleeding and enhances wound healing.

  • Immunoglobulin G (IgG): Antibody molecules which support the immune system.

  • Human Placental Lactogen (hPL): This hormone has lactogenic and growth-promoting properties; promotes mammary gland growth in preparation for lactation in the mother. It also regulates maternal glucose, protein, and fat levels

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Placenta Capsules

Placenta Capsules can help replenish hormones and vital nutrients lost during birth, thus making for an easier postpartum recovery. The encapsulation process includes rinsing and cleaning the placenta of any extra blood, clots, and debris. After the cord is trimmed, the placenta is heated to kill unhealthy bacteria before dehydrated, ground, and encapsulated. Work space and all equipment is always thoroughly sanitized. Strict OSHA standards are observed. This method usually produces around 100-175 capsules, depending on the size of your placenta. They last many years when stored in the freezer. Take them for PMS, low milk supply, fertility challenges, and even menopause! Should be taken with a glass of juice and a meal to help the powder settle and reconstitute in your stomach.

Placenta Tincture

Placenta tincture is an added bonus in that it can be used in addition to and long after the capsules are gone. By tincturing a small piece of the placenta in a high grade alcohol, you can prolong the benefits of your placental hormones. The tincture can be used in any time of trauma, transition, emotional distress and during menopause and ease your symptoms. It is very shelf-stable if kept in a cool dark place such as a cupboard, and will last for many years. At this dilution, there is less alcohol than in cough medicine and has no intoxicating effects. If you prefer to reduce the alcohol even further, you can place the drops in a cup of boiling tea, “burning” off the alcohol, then cooling before ingesting. Dosage is 7 to 10 drops added to a full glass of juice.


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