Massage Services

In-Home or Hospital

All of our therapists have gone through intensive prenatal training and provide a safe massage through all stages of pregnancy. We use organic, all-natural lotion, oil and carefully selected aromatherapy products.

Massage During Pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy not only keeps you comfortable, but also serves many benefits for mom and baby. It can offer relief for neck, back and sciatic pain, carpal tunnel, and round ligament pain. It increases circulation which reduces swelling, and stress. An in-home massage allows you to receive relief in the comfort of your home.

Massage During Labor

Massage has shown to shorten labor by hours! It relaxes mom and keeps her focused. Massage serves as a natural relief for lower back discomfort. Special techniques open pelvis to assist baby's descent. All contributing to a more positive birth experience.  This can be done in-home or at the hospital.

Massage Postpartum

While muscles are loose after labor, special massage techniques are used to help mom get her pre-pregnancy body back! It realigns spine and pelvis, helps uterus return to normal, reduces musculoskeletal pain, helps abdominal muscles to flatten, and decreases fluid retention. Clients call this service a 'must have'!  An in-home massage is convenient and allows you to be at home with your newborn baby.

Belly binding has traditionally been used to provide postpartum support. 

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