- RN

- Certified Professional Childbirth Educator

- Breastfeeding Educator

- Birth & Postpartum Doula

Kristina Tamez

Birth & Postpartum Doula


Kristina is a native Houstonian.  She has two college students, an entrepreneur son, and a teenage son still at home with four dogs. 


In 1993, Kristina graduated from Texas Woman's University Houston Campus with a Bachelor Degree in Nursing.  She knew she wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse when her friend got pregnant at age 16, and Kristina was the labor coach!  The trajectory of her life changed at that moment. 

After graduating Texas Woman's University-Houston, she worked at Memorial Hermann in the Medical Center-Houston in labor and delivery at night and then moved on to Woman's Hospital in the daytime.  She has coached countless women, including a celebrity and a princess from Saudi Arabia. 


In the late '90's she started her own family and worked at two different Obstetricians offices in the Houston area.  She successfully breastfed all 4 children past the age of 2 years old.  Kristina homeschooled her children, and sporadically taught crash courses in childbirth education and breastfeeding education, and creating her own curriculum for a Know Your Body 101 class for young women 17 and up...to learn about how their body works. 

The best part about being a labor coach in her mind, is the privilege to be there at the most intimate and vulnerable time in a woman's life to help welcome New life, nothing compares!!!  Kristina is the epitome of a servant anticipating what might be going through the new Mother's mind to help ease her fears, her concerns and give her confidence that her body was made to DO this!

Kristina welcomes the opportunity to share her experience and training working with Patti at Houston Pregnancy Massage & Doula Care.

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