Doula Services

As a birth doula, I believe that every woman should have the birth experience she desires. My mission is to support you throughout your pregnancy and help you have a safe, positive, and empowering birth experience, no matter what your birth plan includes. I am committed to supporting you through every step of your pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum period. Whether you are envisioning a natural birth, one with an epidural, or a caesarean section, I am honored to care for you. Drawing on my extensive experience and education, I provide compassionate, personalized care. I will be your partner through this journey, supporting your choices and helping you achieve a healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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What is a birth doula?

A doula provides continuous physical comfort, emotional support, and information to women during labor and initial breastfeeding. She does not replace the partner’s role during childbirth but, provides guidance for the partner as needed. She will help labor progress by assisting with position changes and pushing. With a doula, the need for interventions is often decreased.

How does your partner benefit?

Remember, this is a special time for both of you. Your partner most likely does not have specialized training in assisting a woman through labor. You need them to be there emotionally for you, holding your hand and reassuring you. A doula will help them know what to do. Why should your partner be stressed and worried about being able to adequately assist you in labor? They will already be anxious and worried about your safety. If you have a 16, 24, or 36 hour labor, how is your partner going to assist you after birth, and help take care of your new baby while exhausted? You are going to need rest and you'll need your partner even more after birth.

Birth Doula Packages

Labor/Birth Only Package = $1,800

Standard Package = $2,200

  • Certified Doula

  • Complimentary Doula Consultation

  • Available for calls/texts/e-mails throughout pregnancy

  • On Call 24/7

  • 2 hour Group Childbirth Class

  • 1 hour Labor Preparation

  • Assistance with Birth Plan

  • Labor & Birth Support

  • 2 hour Postpartum Care & Infant Massage Instruction (at client's home)

Proven Benefits

50% decrease in cesarean rate

25% decrease in length of labor

40% decrease in use of oxytocin

60% decrease in epidural requests

Hodnett ED. Gates S Hofmeyr GJ. Sakala C. Continuous Support for Women During Childbirth. Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews. CD003766, (2003).

What if you plan on having an epidural?

A doula can still play an important role in the delivery and birth. You will need continuous physical and emotional support until & after you receive the epidural. At times epidurals may only take partially. The doula helps with in bed positioning to keep the labor progressing. She also assists with relaxation techniques, support for the partner, answers questions, assists with pushing and initial breastfeeding.

Contact us early in your pregnancy as we only take a limited number of births each month and book up quickly.

Support Before and After Labor

Together, we will prepare for your baby’s birthday by answering your questions, offering childbirth classes, and helping you create your birth plan.

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